jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Welcome Teachers!

Escuela de Educaciòn Secundaria Nº9 welcomes you to our first BlogSpot, created in order to keep updated on educational issues.

As you know we are heading towards an important change in Secondary level, and this is not an easy task to develop on our own. We need hard team work to exchange drawbacks and progress on implementing curriculum design so as to be able to redirect our teaching strategies whenever necessary.

Our school holds over 1500 students distributed in 61 courses, which means that teachers hardly ever have a chance to meet and analyze language learning. So we expect that this site will become a great support , to interchange activities and comments with other collegues.

Let's get started! 

5 comentarios:

  1. Excellent idea. I hope this initiative will be of great benefit and usefulness.

    1. Hi cyber teacher! You're everywhere! Thanks God!

  2. Great idea!
    A question: In Teachers San Nicolás group on Facebook I read that Carla Bossus would be delivering "Asistencias Tecnicas de Inclusion Digital en servicio" at school on Friday. Do you know if there is a fixed timetable or schedule?

  3. Hi! Welcome and yes Carla Bossus will be delivering the course on the 14 th from 8 to 12:30. I will inform timetables right away.

    Thanks for joining us!

  4. I'd like to thank my colleagues for sharing ideas last Friday and the school for their warm welcome!

    To get started you will need to:

    1- Create a google account if you do not have one already. It's simple! Just use your favourite search engine (preferably google chrome) and browse a page for mail creation (eg:"correo gmail").. Choose an address with your name so that it is clearly identified; avoid fantasy names and write an unforgettable password.

    2- Once you have created your new account, click on the link:
    so that you are granted permission to join our first collaborative document together, or send your new address to carlabossus@gmail.com and I'll share it with you ASAP.

    3- Follow the tasks in the link and do not hesitate to email me if questions spring up.

    Hope many more teachers can make it next time!