jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

Dear Teachers:

Our school has just implemented " CONECTAR IGUALDAD" and increasing the use of technology in language teaching will be one of the main issues for all areas.

In the following chart we have set a few suggestions for better institutional organization.


Classroom project analysis.
  • Mencione ajustes realizados en su proyecto áulico.
  • Detalle contenidos conceptuales NO  alcanzados.
  • Explicite dificultades recurrentes en el aprendizaje.
  • Detalle libros/ textos digitales utilizados de los recursos institucionales.
  • Modos recurrentes de socialización de los contenidos o producciones colectivas .
  • Explicite criterios de evaluación implementados.
  • Trabajo interdisciplinario con biblioteca o laboratorios.
Classroom project  ( 1º a 3º)
·         Secuenciación de contenidos  en  el ciclo básico.
Expectations you might have into account for  teaching English and technology.
·         Technology offers new ways for practicing language and assessing performance.
·         Technology is becoming increasingly mobile. It can be used not only in the classroom, lecture hall, computer room or self-access center, it can also be used at home, on the way to school and in the internet cafes.
 Suggested readings
How to Teach English with Technology. Photocopies will be avialable at the library .
Project Work
Warmers and fillers
 Website: educ.ar
USING WEBSITES: How to find useful websites.
How to evaluate websites.
BLOGS,WIKIS :Blogs in language teaching
How to start using a wiki with learners.
Resource book  avialable at library.
Good ideas to start group work. Avialable at library.
Biblioteca virtual
Ingles ( ver niveles)
 Topics to consider for classroom planning.
Environment. Este es el año del agua.
Non violence
Love and care: teens relationships.

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